Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Things that I am lusting after

I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time doing what I like to call "imaginary shopping" on the internet (putting nice things in the basket then closing the website when you realise you aren't a millionaire). Here are some things that I am currently lusting after:
Petit Coco planter, because I don't have a garden and no chance of ever getting an allotment. So I feel the need to surround myself with potted plants.


Cardigan with elbow patches and Open work cardigan from Zara. Just 'cus it's Winter and I'm cold.

Personal Library kit from Fred flare. I have no real need for it, I've just always wanted to work in a library and I like stationary.

Teas from around the world mini set. They come in tiny tins! squee!

Red and White Bakers twine. I've been looking for this stuff for ages. I bought some on ebay a while ago but it soon ran out. A huge spool of the stuff would please my little crafting heart.

Record Player. I wanted a record player for Christmas, then changed my mind and wanted an Ipod speaker instead, which I got. But I still want a record player.. One day, one day!

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